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trippy room decor | psychedelic room decor

Are you looking for an inspiration on how to create trippy room decor? In the below article we explore the psychedelic/trippy room ideas and look at some of the top trending trippy room accessories, wall decor and lighting ideas that will help you to get you started. Read more below: 

What is the Trippy Room Aesthetic: 

The trippy room aesthetic is an interior design aesthetic also known as psychedelic aesthetic. The trend first gained its popularity back in the 70's due to usage of psychedelic drugs such us LSD, psilocybin (present in magic mushrooms) or mescaline (found in peyote). Trippy/psychedelic room decor aims to recreate the experience of altered contentiousness. Its main characteristics are surreal/out of this world visualsover-saturated colors and vibrant lighting (often in colors of purple, neon green and angry pink). 

Trippy Room Decor Ideas: 

If you are a huge fun or just really like the idea of decorating your room in a  trippy aesthetic theme, look no further! We have prepared for you a selection of the most popular trippy room decor ideas, including: Trippy theme posters, tapestries and other wall decor, trippy room accents, rugs, bedding, night lights and so much more!

Trippy Room Patterns and Visuals

As mentioned before, the trippy color palette is strongly centered around neon colors such as neon green, purple and pink with add it on strip or string lights in order to create the feel of highly altered reality. When it comes to popular patterns and motifs, trippy aesthetic room decor includes holographic textures, groovy topographies and mixture of surreal motives of mushrooms, aliens and kaleidoscopic patterns and shapes.  

    Trippy Wall Decor

    Trippy room wall decor is one of the easiest ways to create an out of this world feel in your room. There are various types of trippy decorations that can be added to your walls including: trippy wall art, posters, wall collages or a trippy style wall hanging. Below are a few popular trippy wall decor ideas. 

    Trippy Posters and Prints

    Quirky and colorful trippy artwork, particularly with mushroom, galaxy, alien or similar motifs is a key component of the trippy wall decor. You can also add a simple frame to your wall art to help ground them better on your walls. 

    trippy wall decor

    Trippy Wall Collages

    Trippy wall collages are the perfect and affordable alternative wall decor item to add plenty of interest to your bedroom walls. With various colors and visuals to choose from, trippy aesthetic wall collages can give you the flexibly to arrange it in any layout above your bed or desk. 

    Trippy Bedding

    Trippy bedding is another way to really give your room trippy aesthetic vibes. Some popular choices for trippy style bedding ideas include a kaleidoscopic patterns, galaxy, or nature theme in vibrant, neon colorsOther popular trippy bedding accessories include mushroom or alien shaped cushions or a trippy style throw blanket.     

    Trippy Decor and Room Accents 

    Some of the most popular and must have trippy room decor and accents include; trippy style candles and candle holders, neon color dressing mirrors, uniquely shaped vases, trippy desk accessories etc.

    psychedelic room decor

    Trippy Room Lighting Decor

    Lighting can play an important role in achieving a trippy room feel. Some popular and must have trippy style lighting decor includes mushroom shaped bedside lamp, color changing flameless candles, various projectors, lava night lamp and strip lights and string lights. 

    Trippy Room Decor - Frequently asked questions: 

    1) What other aesthetic room styles include trippy room decor? 

    Psychodelic/Trippy room decor can fit in easily within a number of aesthetic room styles including: oddcore aesthetic, dreamcore, weirdcore, mushroom theme accessories often found in indie aesthetic room etc

    2) Where can I buy Trippy Room Decor?  

    If you are looking to buy trippy style decor for your room, you can find a wide selection of trippy room decor available on our online aesthetic room decor store    

    Get the Trippy Aesthetic Look! 

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