Ultimate Aesthetic Room Makeover Guide

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Are you looking for the ultimate room makeover?  In the below article we explore some of the best design tips and ideas to go about your dream aesthetic room makeover by following this easy step by step guide.  Read more below:  

Aesthetic Room Makeover Guide: Step by Step

Redecorating your room can be a pretty scary thing, especially if you have absolutely no clue where to start, or if the task seems overwhelming just thinking about it! - Don`t Stress! We have broken down your aesthetic room makeover into these simple and easy-to-follow steps, that will help you achieve your dream aesthetic room makeover in no time at all!  

#1 Choose your Aesthetic:

One of the best starting points for your aesthetic room makeover is to have a clear plan or understanding of what type of room aesthetic you are looking to achieve. There are various types of aesthetics, each with their own unique style and design trends to take inspiration from.  Some of the most popular and trending aesthetic rooms include: Indie Room, Cottagecore Room, Witch RoomDark Academia Room and Galaxy Room to name just a few! 

 Aesthetic Rooms

#2 Declutter your Room

Clean up: Probably the most important and daunting step in your aesthetic room makeover, is to decide what things you would like to keep or get rid of. Put on your favorite aesthetic room playlist and get yourself in the room makeover mood! Get rid of trash or throw away any broken items. 

Donate: Spend some time going through your things and really ask yourself... "do I really need this?" or "is this just taking up too much space?" If your goal is to truly transform your space, you've got to be willing to part with those items that you have grown out of. If you want to be really thorough, sort through everything in your room—all your books, shoes, clothes, pictures, jewelry, makeup, movies, CDs, knickknacks—everything! For items that have sentimental value to you, consider storing them in another room or look at storing them under your bed or closet. That way, they aren’t on display but you can still take them out and look at them when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Organize your space: Put away the clothes you are keeping in your closet and remove any items still on your floor. Put away any school and stationary supplies in desk drawers and take advantage of any storage you have available. Now that you room is decluttered and clean you are all set with progressing to the fun part!     

#3 Choose your Color Palette

Changing the color of your walls and ceiling can make a huge impact on the way your room looks. Choosing a color palette that compliments your room aesthetic will really help give your room aesthetic vibes. Whether you go for a ton of coordinating colors, or keep it simple to just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground your room. If your room is generally dark with little natural light, try stick with lighter tones. If natural light is not a problem why not use a bold color for one wall for impact and some more subtle hues for the rest. Make sure to try a couple test areas before you decide to go all out. 

Aesthetic Room Palette

#4 Add Wall + Ceiling Decor 

Once your walls are painted, its time to start adding some wall decor. Wall & ceiling decor can play a huge role in creating an aesthetic vibe to your room. If you don't mind spending a little more time on this step, wallpaper stickers can be a creative option to give your walls some drama & vibrancy. Other popular aesthetic wall decor ideas include:   

  • Tapestries 
  • Posters and prints
  • Wall collages
  • Hanging picture frames
  • Hanging ivy + garlands
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Wall art
  • Neon signs

Aesthetic Wall Decor

#5 Re-Arrange your Furniture 

A well planned, multifunctional furniture that allows you to save space is a must for any aesthetic room makeover. Your furniture must not only fit within your type of aesthetic, but must also be practical.  If you are looking for some practicality in your room, a good idea would be to buy some new aesthetic furniture. If you are on a tight budget, you can always use your existing furniture and try give it a coat of paint to give it a fresh new look, or try have a  look in a local thrift or garage sale- you will never believe what "finds" you could get!  Sometimes the simplest task of re-arranging your furniture around can be the easiest way to help achieve a successful room makeover. Some popular and essential aesthetic room furniture include: 

  • Shelving 
  • Hanging clothes rack   
  • Rugs
  • Nightstand
  • Study desk
  • Desk chair 
  • Low cushion seating
  • Leaning mirror
  • Laundry basket

#6 Upgrade your Bed 

Your bed is one of the most important items of furniture in your bedroom. When choosing your bed, remember that every inch of space is important, especially if you have a small room. Choose a comfortable single or double bed with drawers where you can store extra bedding and boxes of items that you use less often. Before choosing your bedding, throws, and pillows, think of how you would like the fabrics and colors to compliment the rest of the decor in your aesthetic room. Your bed is generally the focal piece of your room, so adding a headboard or swapping out an existing can make your room look totally different. Choose a style that reflects the rest of your space, such as one with curves for a more feminine room or a studded headboard if you have an edgier aesthetic vibe.

aesthetic furniture

#7 Add Room Accents 

When it comes to finishing off your aesthetic room makeover with small room accents, pick aesthetic room decor that will compliment with the room color palette and aesthetic room style. Generally some good places to display your decor includes shelving or on your study desk. Try group decor in a particular arrangement instead of all individually on their own. Here`s a list of some trending room decor that will fit within most aesthetic room themes. 

  • Vases 
  • Candles
  • Mirrors 
  • Desk accessories 
  • Cushions & plush toys
  • Rugs
  • Desk lamp

Aesthetic Room Decor

#8 Light it Up

Adding some aesthetic lighting is one of the easiest ways to help transform your room and create aesthetic room vibes. When choosing your aesthetic lighting, pick fittings that will work well with your room aesthetic and consider if they need to be functional or more ambient type lighting. If you are going more of a soft & feminine type of aesthetic, choose some warm color lighting with a like of strings lights, sunset projector, or a pastel color desk lamp. If you are going for more of a bold and edgier type of aesthetic, choose some colorful lighting in the form of galaxy room projector, neon or LED strip lighting or a focal beside lamp

Aesthetic Lighting Decor

#9 Organize your Space

Making sure your new aesthetic room is kept clean and organized, its important to add some organization + storage accessories that will help keep your room looking clean and spacious at all times. These could include a foldable laundry basket or litter bin or aesthetic coat & wall hangers. Make sure you have some aesthetic jewelry boxes and beauty storage as well as some desk storage accessories to store all your school stationery and books.     

Aesthetic Organizers

#10 Add Some Plants

And finally, nothing breathes more life and color into a new aesthetic room makeover than lots of plants and greenery! Choose a few pot plants or flowers and space them around your room, either on your desk, shelving, or just on the floor. If you are going for real plants make sure you have enough light coming into your room and don`t forget to water them!  Some popular aesthetic ideas for plants and greenery in your room include: 

  • Pot plants
  • Hanging dried flowers 
  • Hanging ivy and flowering garlands
  • Succulents 
  • Cacti  
  • Air plants  

 Aesthetic Plant Decor

Aesthetic Room Makeover Challenge 🏆

Aesthetic Room Makeover

Now that you know all the steps to create your dream aesthetic room makeover, take up the Aesthetic Roomcore - Room Makeover Challenge and stand a chance to win up to $100 (USD) worth of aesthetic room decor!

Room Makeover Challenge Guidelines: 

Challenge Dates: 10 Jan 2022 - deadline TBC 2022 

Entries:  Send us your "before" and "after" photos/ videos and a brief description of your aesthetic room makeover.  Winner will be announced later in the year (date to be confirmed)

Click here for entry details and terms and conditions. 


We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Comment below and share your thoughts on any other tips and ideas for an aesthetic room makeover.


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