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Are you looking to add trendy checkered aesthetic vibes in your room? In the below article we explore some of the top trending checkered decor ideas that`s taking Tiktok and Instagram by storm! Read more below: 

What is the Checkered Aesthetic? 

The checkered aesthetic also know as 🏁checkeredcore is an aesthetic centered around the checkered print pattern/ motif and has its origins in fashion and interior design trends dating back to the 60`s, 80`s and even going back as far as the early Renaissance period in Europe!

The retro checkerboard inspired print motif has had a huge resurgence in recent months potentially due to the Netflix series "The Queens Gambit", which is why you'll see it everywhere, both online and on the shelves of your local clothing or room decor store. The timeless contrasting black and white checkerboard pattern may not be everyone`s cup of tea, but it will be sure to bring a huge dose of personality and playfulness to any aesthetic room. 

Checkered aesthetic prints can be found and compliment various aesthetic room styles including; vintage, indie aesthetic, grunge or danish pastel aesthetic to name just a few. 

Checkered Decor Ideas:

If you are feeling tempted to try out this retro checkered trend within your aesthetic room decor, look no further!  We have prepared for you a comprehensive list of some of the most inspiring checkered decor ideas and inspo including: checkered wall decor, checkered room accessoriescheckered bedding and checkered decor accents that will help create retro aesthetic vibes in your room!  

checkered decor

Checkered Wall Decor

Checkered wall decor is one of the easiest ways to create vintage aesthetic vibes in your room. There are various types of checkered decor that you can add to your walls including; checkered tapestriescheckered posters & printscheckered wall collages as well as checkered wall stickers. In some cases you may want to choose a focal checkered print artwork piece above your bed or a couple of feature checkered accessories to place on your desk. Below are a few of the Top Trending Checkered Decor items for your aesthetic room walls or ceiling. 

Checkered Tapestries 

Checkered tapestries are a great wall decor item for showing off your love for the vintage aesthetic print. Depending on the size of your room, you may choose to go with a landscape or portrait format for your tapestry above your bed or desk. There are many varieties of checkered pattern tapestries available today with the simple back and white checkered print tapestry being one of the best selling checkered wall decor items available right now.    

Checkered Posters & Prints 

Checkered posters and prints are also a hugely popular aesthetic room decor item. They are great for creating a clean and minimal look to your walls and by adding a frame to your checkered poster or print, it will give it that extra stylish feel. Whether you decide to go for a simple black and white checkered artwork piece or a mix of vintage checkered inspired artwork its entirely up to you.   

checkered poster

Checkered Wall Collages 

Checkered wall collages are a great wall decor item to help achieve the type of room aesthetic your are going for. Whether your looking to achieve a retro- vintage room aesthetic, or a colorful & trippy indie kid room, checkered wall collages are the perfect wall decor item to help fill your walls with variety, color and interest. 

Checkered Stickers 

Checkered stickers or wall paper are probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to help create aesthetic checkered vibes in your room. They are easy to install or remove and are great to place on your mirror, laptop, desk or even help fill up the blank space on your door or room furniture. You can can never go wrong with a pack of aesthetic checkered stickers! 

Checkered Desk Accessories 

Checkered desk accessories can be a great way to add some personality and style to your workspace. Whether you work from home or in an office, incorporating checkered accessories can help create a cohesive and put-together look.

One way to incorporate checkered accessories is to use them on your desk itself. This could be a checkered desk pad, a mouse pad, or a checkered desk organizer. These accessories can help keep your desk organized and can also add some visual interest to your workspace.

Another way to use checkered accessories is to incorporate them into your stationery. This could be checkered notebooks, journals, or even checkered pens or pencils. These small details can add a fun and playful touch to your workday and can also help keep you organized and on-task.

Checkered desk accessories can also be used in your storage solutions. This could be a checkered file holder or a checkered pencil case. These accessories can help keep your desk clutter-free while also adding some style and personality to your workspace.

checkered desk accessories

Checkered Bedding

Checkered bedding is also a great way to bring vintage aesthetic vibes to your room. Some great checkered bedding ideas include a pastel checkered print bedding set, or a colorful and trippy 3D checkered pattern for an indie room aesthetic look. Other popular aesthetic checkered bedding accessories include checkered pillowscheckered cushions, throw blanket or a feature checkered rug.

checkered bedding

Checkered Decor and Room Accents

Some of the most popular and trending checkered decor + room accents include checkered candles which are perfect for any indie aesthetic or vintage room. Some other great checkered decor and room accent ideas include; checkered incense or candle holder for your shelf or desk or a cute checkered mug or vase to help finish off your aesthetic room look.    

checkered decor

DIY Checkered Decor 

If you are looking for a cheap, fun and easy way to bring checkered aesthetic vibes to your room, check out some of these popular DIY checkered room decor ideas that are trending on youtube and TikTok right now.

 DIY checkered decor

Checkered Decor - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to compliment your room with checkered aesthetic clothing or accessories? 

If you have a large collection of checkered clothing or accessories, why not display your clothes, jewelry and accessories on a hanging clothes rack or hook to add to the overall aesthetic of your room? 

2) What other aesthetic room styles include checkered decor?

Checkered decor can fit easily into a number of room aesthetic styles including: vintage roomindie roomgrunge room and danish pastel room to name just a few!   

Get The Checkered Aesthetic Look!

We hope you enjoyed this article, for more aesthetic checkered decor ideas and inspo, check out our featured checkered decor collection and bring vintage checkered vibes into your aesthetic room!  Shop Now!   


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