How to Create a Boho Aesthetic Room

Boho Room Decor

Are you looking to create your own cozy and relaxing bedroom? In the below article we explore some of the top decor tips and ideas to create an inviting and eclectic boho aesthetic room. Read more below: 

What is Boho Aesthetic?

Bohemian (also known as boho-chic) is a style of fashion and interior design drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. Boho is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life such as constant travelers, actors, and writers. The Bohemian style mirrors that life by combining objects, colors, and patterns from many areas of the world. If you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian design might be for you.

The boho aesthetic was deeply impacted by the Hippie Movement, The Rainbow Gathering, the musical Rent, and much more. Ultimately, whenever popular culture celebrated the eccentricity and personality of those who lacked wealth, were starving artists, and rejected mainstream materialism, the bohemian aesthetic was impacted and immortalized.

Boho Aesthetic Room Ideas:

Although bohemian design was once considered a kitschy, stuck-in-the-'70s style, the artistic approach actually has become very popular today. Whether you're already a boho lover or you're currently weighing up your options, here's all the inspo you need to make your bedroom a relaxing oasis, complete with patterns, plants, rugs, and eclectic accessorizing.

1. Boho Color Palette 

Now before you start going design crazy on your room, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. While there are no rules for boho decorating, the aesthetic often includes warm, earthy tones and boasts a flair for combining patterns and layering textures. 

When choosing a color for your boho bedroom walls, consider tones that are fairly neutral like white or a natural warm hue such as burnt ochre or green, as this will help create the ideal relaxing mood to compliment your boho decor. 

2. Boho Patterns and Textures

Textures and patterns play an important role in achieving a boho aesthetic. Try use natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cottons, upholstery and layer them with soft delicate textures including indoor plants and dried flowers. Some popular patterns and motifs associated with boho, which are inspired by Indian, Cambodian, Moroccan, Turkish, Persian and Mexican designs to name a few, include: abstract botanical prints, moon phases and sunsets as well as abstract portrait sketches.  Try carry these patterns and textures throughout your room decor to create a cozy aesthetic feel.

boho wall decor

3.  Boho Wall Decor

Now that you have the textures and base colors for your room sorted, you can now move onto adding some boho decor to your walls. Wall decor can play an important role in achieving a bohemian room aesthetic. Some popular wall decor items for any boho room may include: hanging macramé, postersstraw hatsabstract artworkcollage printspolaroid photos, hanging flowers or ivy garlandsstring lights as well as hanging wall and ceiling tapestries. You can also add some practical shelving to your wall where you can display some cute pot plants or vases to add some life and soft texture to your room.   

4. Boho Bedding

Moving onto the bed, some great ideas for your boho room`s bedding includes  botanical and floral patterns, moon phases motifs or just a plain monotone color duvet like cream or white. Round off the boho cozy look to your bed with a  colorful accent pillow or macramé throw blanket.  

5. Boho Furniture

The boho philosophy is all about kicking back, chilling out and relaxing. Some great ideas for boho furniture could include a rattan/ futon chair, hanging clothes rackbean bags and low level seating, wooden shelving or a accent rustic Moroccan style rug. Another trending DIY boho furniture idea is using recycled wooden palettes as a base or platform for your bed.  

Boho Room Decor

6. Boho Room Fragrance 

Don’t underestimate the impact that scent can have in your room! Much like when you wear perfume, having a bedroom that smells great can really leave a lasting impression on people. It’s difficult to recommend any one particular scent, since perfume is so incredibly subjective, but there are lots of ways you can incorporate wonderful smells into your room by burning incense, using scented candles or hanging dried flowers. Creating a boho room feel encompasses all the senses!   

7. Boho Music  

Like scent, don't underestimate the importance of sound and background music for your room to really achieve relaxing boho room vibes. This can be achieved by hanging some bamboo wind chimes by your window to catch a gentle breeze or play some relaxing Boho Room Music on our public Aesthetic Spotify Playlists to create a chilled atmosphere.   


8. Boho Decor

Individuality and eclecticism is at the heart of the boho room aesthetic, so when in comes to finishing your room with small accent items, pick boho decor that incorporates a mix of cultural patterns as well as materials. These small accent items could include a macramé dream catcher, cushions, candles, boho vase or mirror. Indoor plants play a huge role in boho room decor to help provide color as well as create a relaxing atmosphere.  

9. Boho Lighting 

To complete your boho room, ensure that your room has plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Try add some string lights or place an rattan accent bedside lamp by your bed to create warm and cozy vibes in your boho room. 

10. Boho Room Accessories 

Some great boho accessories may include a boho jewelry holder to store all your rings and bracelets, a fabric laundry basket or a vintage style lamp. When choosing room accessories try play with varying textures and use natural materials.   

boho bedroom

Get the Boho Room Look!

For more boho aesthetic room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Boho Room Collection and create your own dream aesthetic room today! 


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