Vintage Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas

Vintage Aesthetic Room

Are you looking to create your own Vintage Aesthetic Room?  In the below article we explore some of the top vintage aesthetic decor tips and ideas to help create vintage + retro vibes in your room. Read more below:  

What is Vintage Aesthetic? 

Vintage is an umbrella term used to refer to aesthetics which evoke a certain period (or mixture of periods) from the past or could be considered fashionably nostalgic or "Old School". Vintage aesthetic generally refers to "old" things or being "retro". This can depend from person to person but a rule of thumb would be anything could be vintage if its a couple decades and older from your current age.  

All you need to know about Vintage Aesthetic Decor:

We've curated some of the most popular room décor accents and ideas to help you achieve a vintage aesthetic bedroom look. Below is our Aesthetic Roomcore Ultimate Guide to Vintage Aesthetic Decor: 

Vintage Color Palette  

Now before you start going design-crazy, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. Some good tones that fit well within the vintage aesthetic include mooted earthy tones such as beige, browns, ochres, cream, turquoise or a simple white foundation. 

Vintage Wall Decor

Now that you have the base colors for your room sorted, you can now move onto adding some vintage decor to your walls. Wall decor can play an important role in achieving a vintage room aesthetic. Some popular wall decor items for any vintage room may include: vinyl records, record covers, movie/film posters, abstract artwork, collage prints, polaroid photos, hanging flowers or ivy garlands, string lights as well as hanging wall and ceiling tapestries. You can also add some practical shelving to your wall where you can display some cute pot plants or vases to add some life and soft texture to your room.   

vintage wall decor

Vintage Furniture

Some popular furniture items for any vintage aesthetic room may include a large lean-to mirror, hanging clothes rack and box shelving. Other great vintage furniture items could be an old upholstery chair, lamp-shade or nightstand. Don`t be afraid to mix and match furniture from different decades, surprisingly the more eclectic your furniture items are, the more "vintagey" your room will become! 

Vintage Bedding

Moving onto the bed, some great ideas for your vintage room`s bed includes:  daisies, black and white floral patterns or just a plain white or cream color duvet. Round off your vintage room bed a rusty brown or Macramé throw blanket and some carpet pattern pillows.

vintage aesthetic decor

Vintage Decor 

Pop art, retro and nostalgia of design is at the center of the vintage room aesthetic, so when it comes to finishing your room off with small accent items, try pick decor that really works with these themes such as a retro portable record player, vases, Polaroid camera, small succulent plants, old guitars or an accent desk or bedside lamp, which will really give your room vintage aesthetic vibes. 

For more vintage aesthetic room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Vintage Room Collection and create your very own dream vintage aesthetic room today! 

vintage room decor


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