How to Create a Preppy Aesthetic Room

Preppy Aesthetic Room

Are you looking to create a glamorous Preppy aesthetic room? In the below article we explore some preppy room decor ideas and design inspiration to help you transform your bedroom into a stunning preppy aesthetic room. Read more below: 

What is Preppy Aesthetic? 

Preppy aesthetic also know as Prep aesthetic is a subculture in the United States that is associated with private university or preparatory schools. The terms are used to refer a person seen as characteristic of a student or alumnus of these schools. Characteristics of preps in the past, include a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, dress, mannerisms and etiquette, reflective of an upper-class upbringing.

There are two generally accepted variants of the Preppy aesthetic. One is New England Prep or East Coast Prep, which has a lot of nautical elements like anchors, compasses, ships, lighthouses, and whales with navy blue and white being popular color choices. The other is Southern Prep or also know as VSCO Preppy Aesthetic which focuses more on summer elements like palm trees, elephants, monkeys, leopards and zebras. VSCO Preppy could be described as trendy, cheerful and luxurious. For the purposes of this article we will focus mainly towards the VSCO Preppy Aesthetic Room Decor. 

How to create a preppy aesthetic bedroom:

If you are a huge lover of the preppy aesthetic and would like your bedroom or college dorm room to feel more cheerful and have plenty of good vibes, then read below our Top 10 Design Tips and Ideas to transform your bedroom into a stunning Preppy Aesthetic Room.

1. Preppy Aesthetic Color Palette

Now before you start going design crazy on your room, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. When choosing a color for your preppy aesthetic bedroom walls, consider bright and pastel tones with a like of pastel pink or a turquoise or a neutral white or cream color as this will help create the ideal background for your preppy wall décor to visually stand out.

2.  Preppy Motifs and Patterns

Preppy visuals include elements that are mainly cheerful or relating to luxury or summer vibes. Some common motifs and patterns include but not limited to: 

  • animal prints (cheetah, leopard, giraffe)
  • brand logos and patterns such as Louis Vuitton, Vineyard Vines, Chanel and Prada
  • Roller Rabbit patterns (especially the pink monkey)
  • tie-dye
  • cowgirl hats
  • stars
  • lightning bolts
  • smiley faces
  • hearts
  • Evil Eye
  • decorative patches
  • floral prints (Lilly Pulitzer)
  • pink dollar signs
  • palm trees

3.  Preppy Wall Decor

Wall decor plays a hugely important role in achieving a preppy aesthetic bedroom. Whether your room is big or small, preppy wall collages are one of the easiest ways to start your preppy room decorations. These collages or posters will immediately create preppy summer vibes in your room without damaging the walls. Other preppy wall decor ideas include framed posters, hanging tapestries, floral wallpapers, hanging ivy or even cute heart or whale shaped stickers

preppy room decor

4. Preppy Bedding 

If you can’t paint your walls in a preppy color palette or wallpapering and posters are not allowed, don’t get stressed! Preppy aesthetic bedding is another easy way to fulfill your dream of making a luxurious and comfy preppy bedroom. Some great ideas for your preppy aesthetic bed includes pastel pink heart and floral pattern bed sheets, pillow cases and cushions. Also why not have a cute pink furry throw blanket for those colder winter nights. Finally round off your preppy bed with a couple of cute soft plush toys.

5. Preppy Furniture 

If you want to add some style and practicality to your preppy room, some great ideas for preppy aesthetic furniture could include a pink chair and desk or nightstand, elegant poster bed fame, soft cushion headboard, pink or turquoise pouf cushion or a preppy theme rug. Another great feature furniture piece for your preppy bedroom could also include a hanging hammock chair to relax and chill. 

6. Preppy Room Decor

Cheerfulnesspositivity and glamour are at the heart of the preppy aesthetic, so when in comes to finishing your room with small accent items, choose preppy decor that really gives your room a relaxed and summery "good vibes" look. These small accent items could include a preppy bedside lampcushions/ pillows and picture frames. Other popular preppy room decor items include lean to mirrors, scented candles or a cute motivational mug.  

 Preppy room decor

7. Preppy Room Accessories 

Some great preppy room accessory ideas may include a preppy jewelry holder to store all your rings and bracelets, a fabric laundry basket, wall or desk clock or a stylish dimmable bedside lamp. Try have room accessories that are both functional and aesthetic at the same time to make the most of your space. 

8. Preppy Desk Accessories

Some popular preppy accessories to help organize your desk space for studying may include a wall clipboard that you can hang above your desk with all your notes or some functional collapsible folding desk crates to store all of your stationary. In the end your desk is the space that should make your feel energized and inspired! 

preppy desk

9. Preppy Lighting

To complete your preppy aesthetic room, ensure that your room has plenty of natural light during the day. Also add some string lights or a trendy preppy neon wall light to help create fun preppy aesthetic vibes at night. 

10. DIY Preppy Room Decor 

If you are looking for a cheap and fun way to bring preppy aesthetic vibes into your bedroom, check out some of these popular DIY preppy picture frames, pot plant and sticker template ideas below to get you inspired. 

diy preppy decor

Bonus Tip! Preppy Room Music

Another great idea to really immerse yourself in preppy vibes this summer is to play some popular Preppy Room Music. We`ve curated for you the perfect Preppy Room Playlist to help you relax while studying or to just chill out with your roomie! 

 Get the Preppy Aesthetic Room Look!

We hope you enjoyed this article, for more preppy aesthetic room decor ideas and inspo, check out our Preppy Room Collection and create your dream preppy room today!  


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