How to Create an Aesthetic Dorm Room

College move-in season is almost around the corner and if you're staying on campus this year, you will want to make sure your dorm room decor matches your unique aesthetic style. After all, your dorm room is the place where you sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time with friends.  Unfortunately, most colleges and universities provide you with a super bland, tiny room that you're supposed to live in for an entire year! Don't stress! We have drawn up the ultimate guide to dorm room decor & essentials to help you create the most aesthetic dorm room on campus! Read more below: 

Aesthetic Dorm Room Decor Ideas:


Your dorm bed is one of the most important items of furniture in your bedroom. When choosing your bed, remember that every inch of your available space is important. Choose a comfortable single bed with drawers, where you can store your bedding and boxes with items that you use less often. Before choosing your bedding, throws and pillows think of how you would like the fabrics and colors to compliment your aesthetic room style.

Storage Furniture

A well planned, multifunctional furniture that allows you to save space is an absolute must when it comes to a small dorm room. Your furniture must not only fit within the type of aesthetic that you choose, but also must be practical. Dorm rooms are cozy and can be easier to keep clean and organize since there are fewer places to stash clutter! Opt for simple furniture (not bulky) with lots and lots of storage space. It is also worth using the free space on walls by arranging them with hanging cabinets or shelves where you can keep your books, stationery and other dorm room accessories.

Aesthetic Wall

Keep your dorm walls white as this color optically enlarges the room and makes it feel open and spacious. If you’re not a fan of white walls, you can also substitute it with another light color with a like of beige, powder pink, light grey or pastel blue. Don’t forget to also add your personal touch! Eye catching posters, wall collages that shows your interests or photo displays will make your room look a lot more aesthetic and so cozy!  

Study Corner

When choosing your desk, look for models with additional drawers and cupboards that will fit all your school supplies, books etc. It is also worth adding a small clipboard that you could hang above your desk. This will help you to be organized and keep all you notes, deadlines and timetables in one place.

Dorm Room Accessories

Choose aesthetic accessories that will best complement your dorm room. It could be something as little as string lights that will add an extra ambience to your room in the evening, a jewelry organizer to keep all your little treasures in one place or a plant in some cute looking pot. You could also experiment by using a large leaning aesthetic mirror. This could help to give the illusion that your room is much bigger.  

Frequently asked questions: 

1) Are there off-limit dorm decor items? 

Your college will provide a list of what’s permitted in rooms. While you may have your heart set on a tie-dyed tapestry, unless it’s fire retardant, you may have to leave it at home. Check with your campus dorm advisor to confirm what you can bring.

2) How hard is it to decorate my dorm?

Plan to spend a few hours during your move-in day dedicated to dorm room decorating. Find out if your dorm has an elevator, which will make lugging all of your furnishings easier. Bring extra removable hooks and hanging items. Once you settle in, you may want to rearrange photos or posters.

3) How can I decorate my dorm room on a budget?

Before coming up with dorm room decorating ideas, set a budget. If you can connect with your roommate before move-in day, talk about sharing costs such as refrigerators and microwaves. With a little DIY, you can turn Dollar Store items into fun decor.

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Do you have more ideas on how to make your dorm room look aesthetic? Comment below!

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