Aesthetic Mushroom Decor Ideas

Are you looking to create a whimsical mushroom inspired bedroom? In the below article we explore some of the top trending aesthetic mushroom decor ideas that`s taking Tiktok and Instagram by storm! Read more below:

What is Mushroom Aesthetic? 

The mushroom aesthetic also know as ūüćĄMushroomcoreūü楬†is an aesthetic centered around mushrooms, that has its origins from Facebook Groups. Unlike goblincore or cottagecore,¬†this aesthetic solely focuses around visuals and motifs of mushrooms, fungi, toadstools and¬†nature.¬†

The mushroom aesthetic has had a huge resurgence in the last couple of years and literally thousands of mushroom related posts including mushroom decor have sprouted up all across the internet as a revolutionary symbol for rapid growth, renewal and transcendence. 

Mushroomcore is an aesthetic that reaches across many types of aesthetic styles including; cottagecore, fairycore, goblincore, witchcore and indie aesthetic to name just a few.     

Aesthetic Mushroom Decor Ideas:

If you are feeling inclined to incorporate this whimsical mushroom trend within your aesthetic room decor, look no further!  We have prepared for you a comprehensive list of some of the most inspiring mushroom decor ideas and inspo including: mushroom wall decor, mushroom accessories, mushroom lighting, mushroom bedding and mushroom decor accents that will help create cute aesthetic vibes for your room! 

mushroom decor

Mushroom Wall Decor

Mushroom wall decor is one of the easiest ways to create mushroom aesthetic vibes in your room. There are various types of mushroom decor that you can add to your walls including; mushroom tapestries, mushroom posters & prints, mushroom wall collages as well as mushroom wall stickers and DIY mushroom wall art. In some cases you may want to choose a focal mushroom artwork piece above your bed or create a collage of mushrooms and other nature inspired artwork to help contribute to the type of room aesthetic your are trying to achieve. Below are a few of the top trending mushroom decor items for your aesthetic room walls or ceiling. 

Mushroom Tapestries 

Wall tapestries are a great wall decor item for showing off your love for the whimsical mushroom aesthetic. Depending on the size of your room, you may choose to go with a landscape or portrait format for your tapestry above your bed or desk. There are many varieties of mushroom and fungi tapestries available today with the vintage botanical aesthetic mushroom tapestry being one of the best selling mushroom wall decor items right now.     

Poisonous mushroom tapestry

Mushroom Posters & Prints 

Mushroom posters and prints are also highly popular aesthetic room decor items. They are great for creating a clean and minimal look to your walls and by adding a frame to your mushroom poster or print, it will give it that extra stylish feel. Whether you decide to go for a single vintage red mushroom artwork or a collection of vintage mushroom/ fungi species its entirely up to you.   

mushrooms poster

Mushroom Wall Collages 

Mushroom wall collages are a great wall decor item to help achieve the type of room aesthetic your are going for. Whether your looking to achieve a nature inspired cottagecore room aesthetic, or a colorful & trippy indie kid room, mushroom wall collages are the perfect wall decor item to help fill your walls with variety, color and interest. 

Mushroom Stickers 

Mushroom stickers are probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to help create aesthetic mushroom vibes in your room. They are easy to install or remove and are great to place on your mirror, laptop, desk or even help fill up the blank space on your door or room furniture. You can can never go wrong with a pack of aesthetic mushroom stickers! 

mushroom stickers

DIY Mushroom Wall Art 

If you are looking for a cheap, fun and easy way to bring mushroom aesthetic vibes to your bedroom walls, check out some of these popular DIY mushroom wall art patterns, templates and motifs that are trending on youtube and TikTok right now.

mushroom diy

Mushroom Desk Accessories 

If you are looking to create a cute and whimsical fairy mushroom garden or terrarium in your room, some great ideas include tiny fairy mushroom figurines. Other mushroom desk accessories include mushroom gemstone figurines or a cute mushroom ring holder.

mushroom gemstones

Mushroom Lighting 

Aesthetic mushroom lighting decor has become one of the most popular and trending room decor accessories this year. If you are looking to give your bedroom mushroom aesthetic vibes at night, some great ideas include a set of fairy mushroom string lights or a colorful feature mushroom bedroom or wall lamp.  

Mushroom Bedding

Mushroom bedding is also a great way to bring aesthetic mushroom vibes to your room. Some great mushroom bedding ideas include a vintage mushroom or floral bedding pattern if you are going for a nature inspired aesthetic, or a colorful and trippy magic mushroom pattern for an indie room aesthetic look. Other popular aesthetic mushroom bedding accessories include mushroom pillows, cushions or even a cute mushroom plushie toy!     

mushroom bedding

Mushroom Decor + Accents

Some of the most popular and trending aesthetic mushroom decor + room accents include hanging mushroom lanterns which are perfect for any indie aesthetic or cottagecore room. Some other great mushroom decor and room accent ideas include; mushroom gemstone figurines for your shelf or desk or  a cute mushroom shaped mug or vase to help finish off your aesthetic room look.    


Mushroom Decor - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How to compliment your room with mushroom aesthetic clothing or accessories? 

If you have a large collection of mushroom aesthetic / cottagecore clothing or accessories, why not display your clothes, jewelry and accessories on a hanging clothes rack or hook to add to the overall aesthetic of your room? 

2) What other aesthetic room styles include mushroom decor?

Mushroom decor can fit into a number of room aesthetic styles including: cottagecore room, indie room, witchcore room, dark academia room and vintage room to name just a few!   

Get The Mushroom Aesthetic Look!

We hope you enjoyed this article, for more aesthetic mushroom decor ideas and inspo, check out our featured aesthetic mushroom decor collection and bring whimsical mushroom vibes into your aesthetic room!  Shop Now!  


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