How to Create a Cottagecore Aesthetic Room


Are you looking to create your own charming and whimsical Cottagecore room? In the below article we explore some of the top decor tips and ideas to create a unique cottagecore aesthetic room. Read more below: 

What is Cottagecore Aesthetic? 

Cottagecore is a trending stress-free lifestyle choice inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. It is centered on ideas of simple living and harmony with nature. Themes associated with cottagecore include self-sufficiency, baking, and caring for people and embracing nature. 

Top 5 Cottagecore Room Decor Ideas:

Below are our Top 5 Design Tips to turn your room into a cozy Cottagecore aesthetic room:

#1 Cottagecore Color Palette  

Now before you start going design-crazy, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. Some good tones that fit well with the cottagecore aesthetic include mooted earthy tones such as beige, browns, ochres and pale greens or a simple white foundation. 

#2 Cottagecore Wall Decor

Now that you have the base colors for your room sorted, you can now move onto adding some cute decor to your walls. Cottagecore aesthetic rooms are characterized by natural botanical flora as well fauna patterns and motifs. This could include wildflowers, herbs, mushrooms and butterfly wallpapers, prints, posters and tapestries as well as hanging ivy and plants. The general design idea is to create a very wonderful and naturalistic setting for your room that immerses you in all things natureSee below a few examples of cottagecore wall decor ideas:

cottagecore wall decor

#3 Cottagecore Furniture

Some good ideas for cottagecore furniture includes rustic or dainty painted chairs, desks and shelving. Any furniture that's understated and comfortable will work well. 

#4 Cottagecore Bedding

Moving onto the bed, some great ideas for your cottagecore room bed includes bedding patterns described above, with the like of botanical and floral patterns, bright daisy sunflower prints or just a plain monotone color duvet like pale green or beige. Round off the cozy look to your cottagecore bed with some soft beige or pale yellow cushions or an old vintage teddy bear to snuggle up with. 

cottagecore bedroom

#5 Cottagecore Decor 

Nature is at the core of the cottagecore aesthetic, so when it comes to finishing your room off with small accent items, pick decor that give your room a vintage and natural feel, some ideas include: botanical books, candles, dried flowers in medicine jars, dream catchers, vintage mirrors, vintage suitcases, sun catchers or water color landscape artwork. 

cottagecore themed room

For more cottagecore room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Cottagecore Room Collection and create your own cozy fairytale aesthetic room today! 


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