Witch Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas

Are you looking to create your own magical and sacred witch room? In the below article we explore some examples and decor ideas of how you can transform your room into the the perfect witchcore aesthetic room. 

What is Witchcore? 

Witchcore is an aesthetic that revolves around the themes of witchcraft, spells, magic and the mystery of the metaphysical world. It has some elements of Cottagecore or Naturecore since some of the aesthetic revolves around the outdoor setting. This aesthetic is also associated with clothing, but it can also be transitioned into your home decor. This could mean spiritually cleansing your home using crystals, burning sage, reading tarot cards, and literally practicing wicca and magick!

All you need to know about Witchcore Decor:

We've curated some magical room décor items and ideas to help you practice your witchy vibes in your own bedroom. Below is our Aesthetic Roomcore ultimate guide to Witchcore Aesthetic Room Decor: 

#1 Witchcore Color Palette: The Dark and the Light 

Witchcore aesthetic shares two main themes when it comes to colors for your room, which can represent both the "Dark" and "Light".  Generally dark and moody colors with the like of neutral off-whites, beiges or dark navy/ black tones help to create a moody atmosphere. On the other hand you can have more softer earthier tones with the like of beige, lavender or coral to create an warm and natural space.  Below are some examples of how these two room color themes can be used to good effect.

#2 Witchcore Wall Decor

Wall decor plays an important role in achieving a witchy room aesthetic feel, depending on the type of witchcraft. Some of the most popular wall decor items for any witchcore room include dream catchers, moon and star shaped patterns, vintage mirrors, dried herbs/ flowers or bouquets, hanging ivy vines, glass jars and potion wall displays, tarot card tapestry or any kind wicca or pagan symbology.  

 witchy bedroom

#3 Witchcore Furniture 

Witchcore furniture is generally natural looking with dark woody tones. Old vintage cabinets or any rustic timber shelves really work well to create an old cabin in the woods feel to your room. 

#4 Witchcore Bedding

Some ideas to make your bed have that witchy look include duvets and comforters with black and white star and moon patterns or neutral warm beige tones. You can also add a soft throw blanket to the end of your bed or a couple of black or white furry cushions.  

#5 Witchcore Decor

Connection to nature as well as spiritual ritual is at the heart of the witchcore aesthetic, so when it comes to finishing your room off with small accent items, try pick decor that that could be used for ritual practice, such as incense holders, spell books, glass balls, salt crystals, apothecary vases and lots and lots of candles, which will give your room that real magical feel. Below are a few of our favorite witchcore decor ideas. 

witchy bedroom

#6 Witchcore Lighting 

To complete your witchcore aesthetic room ensure that your room is lit with warm color lighting and try avoid bright white lights - this will totally ruin the vibe. Candles or some warm color string lights work really well to give your room that calm and moody atmosphere. 

For more witchcore room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Witchcore Room Collection and create your own magical witch room today! 

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