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Are you looking to create a fantastic aesthetic anime or manga inspired room? In the below article we explore some cool ideas and design inspiration to help you transform your bedroom into an amazing anime themed room. Read more below: 

What is anime?

Anime refers to a specific style of cartoon produced or inspired by Japanese animation. In short, all anime shows are cartoons, but not all cartoons are anime. The art style associated with anime is very unique and recognizable. You’re probably familiar with the large eyes, wild hair, long arms and limbs, and more. This exaggerated design helps the characters more easily express emotions. 

In the U.S., most anime is classified as a niche form of entertainment, especially for adults. It’s looped in alongside other aesthetic fandoms and often left to the wayside of mainstream entertainment. In Japan, however, anime is a culturally accepted and fairly basic form of entertainment for adults.

Top 10 Anime and Manga Room Ideas:

As animation originated from Japan, many people are now considering anime as both a popular form of artwork and culture expression. So if you are a huge anime or manga fan, why not decorate your bedroom with your favorite anime hero!

You can create your bedroom in a specific style or theme by setting the characters in a meaningful scene or display. Here are some of our Top 10 Anime and Manga Room Ideas to get you inspired:  

1. Anime Color Palette 

Now before you start going anime design crazy on your room, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. When choosing a color for your anime bedroom walls, consider a tone that is fairly neutral like white or a light grey, as this will help create the ideal background for your anime posters and artwork to visually stand out. If you are going for more a manga artwork inspired room, then try contrast the black and white manga artwork with a deep red wall color to create some atmosphere. 

2.  Anime Wall Decor

As anime and manga is a form of artwork, wall decor plays a hugely important role in achieving an anime themed bedroom. Whether your room is big or small, anime posters are one of the easiest ways to start your anime decorations. You can put several posters of the same series or different anime movies on the walls. These posters will immediately create anime vibes in your room without damaging the walls.  Other anime wall decor ideas include anime banners, tapestries, wallpapers or even a large painted anime mural art piece. You can even mount your favorite anime cosplay mask collection onto your wall too!

anime wall art

 3. Anime Bedding 

If you can’t paint your walls in an anime scene or wallpapering and posters are not allowed, don’t get stressed! Anime bedding is another easy way to fulfill your dream of making an anime-inspired bedroom.  Some great ideas for your anime bed includes anime themed sheets, pillow cases and cushions with your favorite hero. Also why not have a cute anime throw blanket for those colder winter nights. Finally round off your anime bed with lots of your favorite anime plush toys to make it warm cozy. 

4. Anime Furniture 

If you want to add some practicality to your room, some great ideas for anime furniture could include an anime gaming chair, display shelving, a cute anime theme rug or an oversized anime bean bag lounger to chill and watch your favorite cartoons. 

anime bedding

5. Anime Plush Toys

"Plushies" or soft toys are a must have in any anime bedroom and are hugely popular anime room items. Keep them on your bed or arrange them on a shelf if you want to a achieve a cute anime room vibe. -  Remember you can never have too many plushies! 

6. Anime Figure Display

If you are a serious anime collector, you will definitely want a place to display all your figurines and anime characters to show all your friends. There are plenty of options like simple wall mounted shelving, but if you have a large collection of anime figures, you will definitely want to invest in an anime glass or Perspex display case. These will look great in your room and with added LED lighting - will definitely create awesome anime vibes to your room! 

anime display

7. Anime Weapon Display 

No anime room is complete without a selection of anime weapons on the wall  including knifes, swords, Katanas, Keyblades and more! Collect your favorite hero`s weapons of choice and practice dueling your enemies in the mirror! 

8. Anime Decor

Fiction and fantasy is at the heart of the anime and manga art medium, so when in comes to finishing your room with small accent items, pick anime decor that really reflects on the characters, including the hero's and the villain's that make anime so special to you.  These small accent items could include an anime bedside lamp, anime desk figurines, anime gaming collection and anime cat masks. Ideally you want all your anime decor grouped or themed together to set a particular action scene (ie. fighting duel).  Create your own display style and have fun while you do it!

anime decor

9. Anime Lighting 

To complete your anime room, ensure that your room has plenty of color changing LED strip lighting or neon wall or desk lighting to really achieve that anime aesthetic vibe for all your late night gaming or tv sessions. 

10. Anime Room Accessories 

Some cool anime room accessory ideas may include an anime jewelry holder to store all your rings. anime makeup brushes, anime stickers, anime desk organizerneon anime desk lamps or your anime gaming accessories. 

 anime accessories

So there you have it! If you are a huge anime fan or anime collector and want to create your own fantastic anime inspired room, follow these top 10 anime room ideas and tips mentioned above and live in your own dream anime room today! 

For more anime room ideas and inspo, check out our Anime Room Collection and create your own anime aesthetic room today! 



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