Soft Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas

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Are you looking to create your own cutesy soft bedroom aesthetic? In the below article we explore some of the top decor tips and ideas to create a unique Soft Aesthetic Room. Read more below: 

What is Soft Girl Aesthetic?

Soft girl is an aesthetic popular among some young women based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine look. It often features pink and yellow colors, floral and heart patterns. Being a soft girl also may involve a tender, sweet, vulnerable personality.

Top 5 Soft Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas:

Below are our Top 5 Design Tips to turn your room into a cute Soft Girl aesthetic room

#1 Soft Girl Color Palette 

Now before you start going design-crazy, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. Some good tones that fit well with the soft girl aesthetic include soft pastel colors with a like of light blue, pink, yellow, light gray or a simple white foundation. 

#2 Soft Girl Wall Decor

Now that you have the base colors for your room sorted, you can now move onto adding some cute decor to your walls. Soft Girl aesthetic rooms are characterized by cute feminine and kawaii icons like hearts, unicorns or even pink flamingos. This could include wallpapers, prints, wall collages, posters and tapestries as well as hanging ivy and string lights. The general design idea is to create a very cute and feminine look for your room that creates a positive and self empowering vibe. 

soft aesthetic room

#3 Soft Girl Furniture

Some good ideas for soft girl room furniture is to include a soft comfy basket chair (preferably pink!) that could be used for reading or relaxing, or some some soft fluffy stools. Generally try keep your furniture white or use light wood tones to keep a soft feel to the room.    

#4 Soft Girl Bedding

Moving onto the bed, some great ideas for your soft girl room bed includes bedding patterns with the like of strawberries, roses or just a plain light gray color duvet. Add lots and lots of pillows/ cushions or some cute plush toys and teddies. Round off your soft girl bed with a nice soft furry throw blanket at the end of the bed. Just Perfect! 

pastel aesthetic room

#5 Soft Girl Decor 

Cutesy and feminine is at the heart of the soft girl aesthetic, so when it comes to finishing your room off with small accent items, pick decor that gives your room a soft and cute feel, some ideas include: Oil lamps, candles, flowers, dream catchers, cute heart shaped mirrors, jewelry organizers and desk accessories. 

For more soft girl aesthetic room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Soft Girl Room Collection and create your own cute soft aesthetic room today! 

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