Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

👽 Turn your space into an extraterrestrial escape with our Alien Room Decor ideas. From glowing UFO lamps to cosmic wall art, elevate your room to intergalactic heights. Let's defy gravity and embrace the alien chic vibe! 👽


Alien room decor typically refers to a style of interior design that incorporates elements inspired by extraterrestrial themes. Think cosmic colors, futuristic shapes, and imagery related to outer space. It's a fun and imaginative way to transform your space into something otherworldly and unique. From alien-inspired wall art to futuristic lighting, the possibilities are as vast as the universe itself!


#1 Alien room color palette

Creating alien room color palette involves immersing your space in a carefully curated symphony of cosmic colors. It involves a delicate dance between the deep, mysterious blacks of space and the vibrant, futuristic tones inspired by advanced civilizations. Here's a suggested color palette for a alien room aesthetic:

  1. Deep Space Blacks: Set the cosmic stage with a backdrop of deep space blacks, creating a sense of the infinite void and mystery.

  2. Interstellar Blues: Infuse the palette with hues reminiscent of distant nebulae, capturing the essence of the vast and unexplored reaches of the universe.

  3. Celestial Greens: Introduce shades of celestial greens, mirroring the glow of alien landscapes and adding an ethereal touch to your decor.

  4. Cosmic Purples: Incorporate cosmic purples for an element of allure, creating a palette that transports you to the outer edges of the cosmos.

  5. Metallic Tones: Enhance the futuristic feel with metallic tones such as silver and chrome, adding a sleek and modern touch to your decor.

  6. Neon Accents: Inject vibrancy into the palette with neon accents that emulate the mesmerizing glow of advanced alien technology.

  7. Glow-in-the-Dark Features: Consider incorporating elements that glow in the dark, adding subtle yet striking details that evoke the mysterious radiance of extraterrestrial environments.

  8. Experimentation: Above all, feel free to experiment with combinations that resonate with your vision of an alien aesthetic, allowing your color palette to be a canvas for imagination and creating a room that is both alien and captivating.

Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

Experimentation is key, allowing your imagination to guide you as you blend interstellar blues, celestial greens, cosmic purples, and metallic accents. Each hue serves as a brushstroke on the canvas of your extraterrestrial haven, transforming your room into a mesmerizing portal to the unknown. 

#2 Alien room wall decor

Alien room wall decor is all about transforming your vertical spaces into portals to otherworldly realms. Here are some ideas to infuse an extraterrestrial vibe into your wall decor:

  1. Space Murals: Adorn your walls with expansive space murals featuring galaxies, nebulae, and cosmic landscapes. These murals can serve as captivating focal points, creating a sense of depth and mystery.

  2. UFO Wall Decals: Stick or paint UFO-shaped decals on your walls for a playful and subtle nod to alien visitors. Arrange them in a way that suggests a fleet of flying saucers, adding an element of whimsy to your space.

  3. Constellation Art: Create your own constellations or showcase real ones with constellation wall art. This not only adds a celestial touch but also encourages stargazing contemplation.

  4. Futuristic Wall Sculptures: Incorporate metallic or abstract wall sculptures that evoke a futuristic aesthetic. Think sleek and geometric designs that mimic advanced alien technology.

  5. Alien Typography Quotes: Use typography to display quotes or messages related to extraterrestrial themes. Choose fonts and styles that convey a sense of mystery and cosmic wonder.

  6. Glow-in-the-Dark Accents: Integrate glow-in-the-dark elements into your wall decor, such as stars, planets, or alien silhouettes. These accents add a dynamic and enchanting element to your space, especially during nighttime.

  7. 3D Alien Wall Art: Opt for three-dimensional alien-inspired wall art to bring a sense of depth and dimension to your decor. Sculptures or shadow boxes featuring extraterrestrial figures can make a striking statement.

  8. Holographic Wall Coverings: Consider holographic or iridescent wall coverings that play with light and create a futuristic, ever-changing visual experience. This adds an element of dynamism to your alien-themed space.

Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

Mix and match these ideas to craft a wall decor scheme that transports you and your guests to a cosmic sanctuary, where the boundaries between the earthly and the extraterrestrial blur in an artful dance of imagination.

#3 Alien room bedding

Transform your sleeping space into an otherworldly haven with alien-themed bedding that invites you to drift off into cosmic dreams. Here are some ideas to infuse an extraterrestrial vibe into your bedroom:

  1. Galactic Bedspread: Choose a bedspread or comforter featuring galactic prints, showcasing swirling nebulas, distant stars, and cosmic landscapes. This sets the stage for a celestial ambiance in your bedroom.

  2. Alien Pillowcases: Add a touch of whimsy with pillowcases adorned with playful alien illustrations or silhouettes. These quirky details bring character to your bedding while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere.

  3. Constellation Sheets: Opt for sheets adorned with intricate constellation patterns. Not only do they add an elegant touch, but they also encourage a sense of stargazing wonder as you settle in for the night.

  4. Spaceship Throw Pillows: Introduce throw pillows shaped like UFOs or other futuristic spacecraft. These accent pillows serve as quirky additions that enhance the overall alien theme.

  5. Luminous Blankets: Choose blankets or throws with luminous or glow-in-the-dark features. These additions not only provide warmth but also add a mesmerizing glow to your bedroom, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

  6. Futuristic Bed Skirt: Consider a bed skirt with a futuristic or metallic sheen to complement the overall theme. This subtle touch adds a modern edge to your bedding ensemble.

  7. Alien-themed Quilts: Invest in quilts featuring extraterrestrial motifs or intricate patterns that evoke a sense of mystery. These can be statement pieces that tie together the entire alien-inspired aesthetic.

  8. Space-themed Duvet Covers: Select duvet covers adorned with space-themed designs, whether it's astronaut illustrations, rocket ships, or planetary arrangements. These covers add a playful and imaginative element to your bedding.

Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

By combining these elements, you can create a bedding ensemble that transports you to the outer reaches of the cosmos every time you lay down to rest. It's a perfect way to infuse your personal space with the allure and wonder of the unknown.

#4 Aesthetic alien room decor

Creating an alien-themed room decor is an exciting venture into the unknown, allowing you to infuse your space with cosmic charm and futuristic vibes. Here are some key elements to consider:

  1. Galactic Wall Colors: Start by choosing a color scheme that mimics the vastness of space. Deep blues, purples, and blacks can evoke a sense of the night sky, setting the stage for an otherworldly atmosphere.

  2. Celestial Ceiling: Consider painting your ceiling to resemble the night sky, complete with stars and perhaps even a glowing galaxy mural. This creates a captivating focal point that turns your ceiling into a cosmic masterpiece.

  3. Futuristic Furniture: Select furniture with sleek, modern lines and metallic finishes. Futuristic shapes and designs can contribute to the overall alien aesthetic, creating a sense of advanced technology.

  4. UFO Lighting: Illuminate your space with lighting fixtures that resemble unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Pendant lights or table lamps with futuristic designs add an element of intrigue and playfulness.

  5. Space-age Accessories: Integrate accessories that nod to space exploration, such as astronaut figurines, rocket ship models, or futuristic sculptures. These elements contribute to the overall theme and spark curiosity.

  6. Area Rugs with Cosmic Patterns: Choose rugs with cosmic patterns like swirling galaxies or planetary orbits. These additions can ground the space and add a touch of comfort while maintaining the extraterrestrial theme.

  7. Alien Wall Art: Feature wall art that showcases extraterrestrial beings, alien landscapes, or abstract representations of space. This can be a focal point that sparks conversations and adds an artistic touch to your decor.

  8. Interactive Technology: Incorporate smart home technology or interactive elements that mimic futuristic gadgets. Voice-activated devices, interactive lighting, or holographic displays can enhance the sense of living in a technologically advanced space.

Alien Room Decor | Alien Decor Ideas

Remember to balance bold statement pieces with subtler details to create a harmonious and visually interesting environment. Let your imagination guide you as you embark on a journey to design a space that feels truly out of this world!


#1 Where can I buy alien decor for my room?

Exploring the realm of alien decor is a thrilling venture! Here are a few places where you can find extraterrestrial-inspired items to deck out your space:

  1. Visit Our Online Store: ALIEN ROOM DECOR COLLECTION

  2. Specialty Stores:

    • Spencer's: Known for its eclectic offerings, Spencer's often carries alien and UFO-themed decor.
  3. Home Decor Stores:

    • IKEA: While not explicitly alien-themed, IKEA often has modern and minimalist furniture that can complement a futuristic aesthetic.
    • HomeGoods: Check their eclectic selection for unique finds that might align with your extraterrestrial vision.
  4. Local Artisan Markets:

    • Explore local artisan markets or craft fairs. Artists often showcase unique, handcrafted items, and you might find one-of-a-kind alien decor pieces.
  5. Thrift Stores:

    • Don't underestimate the power of thrift stores. You might stumble upon retro or quirky items that can be repurposed for your alien-themed space.
  6. DIY or Custom-Made:

    • Consider creating your own alien decor or commissioning custom pieces. Artists on platforms like Etsy often take custom orders.
  7. Pop Culture Conventions:

    • Attend pop culture conventions or expos where vendors often offer a variety of themed decor items. It's a great place to discover unique and niche pieces.

Remember to mix and match items from different sources to create a personalized and eclectic alien-inspired decor that truly reflects your style. Happy decorating!

#2 What other aesthetic rooms include alien decor?

The beauty of alien decor lies in its versatility, and it can seamlessly blend with various aesthetic themes. Here are a few aesthetics that can incorporate alien decor elements:

  1. Futuristic/Modern Aesthetic:

    • Alien decor naturally complements a futuristic or modern aesthetic with its sleek lines, metallic finishes, and space-inspired elements.
  2. Galactic/Space-themed Aesthetic:

    • Embrace the cosmic charm by creating a space-themed room where alien decor seamlessly fits alongside stars, planets, and celestial motifs.
  3. Cyberpunk Aesthetic:

    • The futuristic and tech-centric elements of alien decor can enhance a cyberpunk-themed room, creating an atmosphere of advanced technology and urban futurism.
  4. Retro Sci-Fi Aesthetic:

    • Take inspiration from classic sci-fi movies and create a retro-futuristic space with vintage-inspired alien decor, reminiscent of mid-century space-age designs.
  5. Minimalist Aesthetic:

    • Incorporate subtle alien accents within a minimalist setting. A minimalist room with a few carefully chosen extraterrestrial elements can create a clean and modern look.
  6. Gaming/Gamer Aesthetic:

    • Alien-themed decor seamlessly fits into gaming setups, especially for those who love sci-fi or extraterrestrial-themed video games.
  7. Nebula/Night Sky Aesthetic:

    • Merge the alien theme with a celestial aesthetic, incorporating elements like stars, galaxies, and deep space imagery for a dreamy and enchanting room.
  8. Eclectic/Bohemian Aesthetic:

    • Infuse a sense of wonder into an eclectic or bohemian room by adding quirky and artistic alien decor pieces that stand out amidst diverse styles.

Remember, the key is to mix and match elements from different aesthetics to create a unique and personalized space that resonates with your style preferences. Let your imagination guide you as you blend the extraterrestrial with the earthly to craft a room that feels truly out of this world.


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