Aesthetic Wall Decor Ideas

aesthetic wall decor ideas

Are your bedroom walls looking tired, empty and uninspiring? We are here to help! In the below article we have prepared for you our top 10 aesthetic wall decor ideas that will help transform your aesthetic room to the next level! Read more below: 

Aesthetic Wall Decor Ideas:

aesthetic wall decor

#1 Tapestries

Tapestries are the perfect wall decor piece to help fill a larger wall space as well as create a focal art piece above your bed. If you are planning to re-decorate a large empty wall then it is always best to start with an aesthetic tapestry (especially if that wall is the first thing you see when entering the room). Think of the type of aesthetic room decor that you would like to create and what would be the color palette you are looking for. The tapestry you choose should reflect your personality and the overall aesthetic vibe of the room. Remember that for smaller rooms it's best to choose a tapestry with a portrait layout as this will create the impression of your room much bigger than it really is. Tapestries are also easy to roll up and are generally very light which makes it easy to attach it to the wall and change things around whenever you feel like adding some changes to your aesthetic wall decor.  


aesthetic tapestries


#2 Posters & Prints

Posters and prints are a great way to create visual interest in your aesthetic room. Posters are not only just a piece of paper, they can tell so much about your personality, thoughts, style and aesthetic taste, so it is important to choose the right design for you. Additionally if you want to create a more clean look, you can also add a frame around the poster. When choosing the frame, minimalism and simplicity is the key here, so thin frames in black, white or gold color usually work best as they don't take away attention from the actual poster. 

aesthetic posters

#3 Collage Walls

Sometimes it might feel hard to create an aesthetic wall with only one poster or a single tapestry. That's when aesthetic wall collages comes in to play. A collage is made out of  number of prints in a similar theme and combined in to one composition creates a unique aesthetic wall decor feel. When choosing your prints for your collage wall, make sure that the theme you choose and the color palette compliments your room aesthetic.  

Aesthetic Wall Collage

#4 Photo Display

An aesthetic photo display is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in your room. Your favorite photos and graphics put together in an artistic composition on the wall will warm up your room and make it so much cozier. Think of photos that bring back your most memorable moments that you spent with friends and family. Those photos deserve a way better treatment than just to be stored on your mobile phone or laptop!

aesthetic photo display

#5 Neon Signs & String Lights

Aesthetic string lights and neon signs are a great way to add character to your walls at night. String lights are the perfect way for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere and neon signs are perfect for creating focal ambient light to give your room aesthetic vibes.  

 aesthetic neon sign

#6 Wall Art & Stickers

Wall stickers are probably one of the cheapest and fastest way to change the look of your room. Wall stickers are usually made of very thin PVC foil which helps to create the impression of an actual painting on the wall. The wide choice of different designs creates endless ideas for your wall decor to fit within your type of aesthetic. Wall hanging decor is also perfect for your aesthetic wall. This can be in the form of a hanging dream catcher, hanging macramé tapestry, or a hanging paper lantern as shown below.

mushroom decor

#7 Hanging Ivy & Garlands

Artificial hanging ivy, vines and flowering garlands look so aesthetic on walls. The natural looking green ivy could be just what you need to completely transform the feel of your room. Aesthetic garlands and hanging ivy work wonders on the wall just below the ceiling level. Another idea would be to combine you hanging ivy and a few of your favorite posters, vinyl records, string lights and create a unique aesthetic wall display.

hanging ivy

#8 Projectors & Lighting

Lighting doesn't have to be only a practical element of your room design. Choosing the right projector for your room or a unique lighting feature could really help to elevate the look of your walls. The most popular ideas that are trending right now is to project an aesthetic sunset or celestial constellation lighting on your wall at night. Lighting is an important aspect of your wall decor and sometimes this could be all you need to create a cozy and aesthetically pleasing space.

aesthetic lighting

#9 Aesthetic Wall Accessories

Walls are the perfect place for adding a few aesthetic decorations. This could be a cute aesthetic mirror, clock, wall sign or a coat hanger. Whichever item you decide to add to your wall decor, make sure that it fits within the overall aesthetic of your room. Opt for interesting shapes and designs that will really liven up your living space. 

aesthetic mirror

#10 Study Desk Wall Ideas

Your study desk is your workspace so it is important to design your desk wall space in a way that it will be easier for you to focus, be organized and get inspired. Your wall decor at the front of your desk should not be too visually distracting however. Opt for posters or collage that will help you to relax and wont take too much of your attention. This could be a wall organizer that would help you to keep all your little notes and ideas in one place or maybe a motivational collage kit that will to help regain your energy when you most need it!  

 aesthetic wall organizer

Aesthetic wall decor can be one of the most creative and fun ways to help bring aesthetic vibes to your room. For more aesthetic wall decor ideas and inspo check out our aesthetic wall decor collection and let your walls do the talking!   


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