Aesthetic Room Ideas

aesthetic room ideas

Are you looking for aesthetic room ideas and inspiration? In the below article we explore some of the top trending room decor ideas to fit within your aesthetic style!  Read more below:  

What is Aesthetic?   

With the surge of social media platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok, aesthetics are gaining more popularity in our day to day life than ever before.  Aesthetic style takes its inspiration from many areas of our life. What we choose to wear, read, listen to, or look at is often influenced by modern trends in society today. Many aesthetic styles and subcultures find their inspiration from a particular decade, art, fashion, genre or movement from the past. Generally "aesthetics" have been associated with self identity and expressionism, whereby people identify themselves with as certain aesthetic or group of aesthetics and choose to express themselves by the type of aesthetic outfits they wear, music they listen to or even the choice of their room decor.  

Aesthetic Room Decor

Aesthetic room decor has gained  popularity especially among young people in the last 2 years or so mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic which forced many students to the confinement of their homes for many months on end. This essentially sparked the trend for people to improve the spaces they live and work in and create aesthetically pleasing spaces that help make them feel comfortable, organized and inspired. Today these aesthetic rooms and associated room decor are shared all over the internet to help inspire others to create their own dream aesthetic room!   

Trending Aesthetic Room Ideas

If you are looking for an aesthetic room makeover you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of some of the Most Popular and Trending Aesthetic Room Styles for 2022 to get you inspired. In each aesthetic room we breakdown some of their key characteristics in terms of color palette, wall decor, furniture, lighting, room accents as much more. 

1) Indie Room

indie room

The indie aesthetic is based on individuality and independence. Indie aesthetic is a bright, colorful style which rose to fame again through the app TikTok and centers around bright colors, 2000s-style fashion, and a skater lifestyle. 

Indie Room Decor Ideas

Indie room decor is characterized with bright oversaturated colors with use of iconic patterns and symbols with the like of cow prints, rainbow daisy flowers, mushrooms, butterflies and hippie smiley faces. Wall decor plays an important role in the indie room aesthetic, which includes items such as stickers, painted CD`s, vinyl's, wall collages, posters, tapestries and hanging vines. If you are looking to create an indie aesthetic room, check out our Indie Room Decor Collection.   

indie room decor
indie room decor

2) Cottagecore Room

cottagecore room
Cottagecore is a trending stress-free lifestyle choice inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. It is centered on ideas of simple living and harmony with nature. Themes associated with cottagecore include self-sufficiency, baking, and caring for people and embracing nature.  

Cottagecore Room Decor Ideas

Nature is at the core of the cottagecore aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick items that give your room a vintage and natural feel, some cottagecore room decor ideas include: floral bedding, botanical posters and tapestries, candles, dried flowers in medicine jars, dream catchers, vintage mirrors, vintage suitcases, sun catchers or water color landscape artwork and lots of pot plants and greenery. If you are looking to achieve a cottagecore aesthetic room, check out our Cottagecore Room Decor Collection

cottagecore room decor
cottagecore room decor

3) Soft Girl Room

soft girl room

Soft girl is an aesthetic popular among some young women based on a deliberately cutesy, feminine lookIt often features pink and yellow colors, floral and heart patterns. Being a soft girl also may involve a tender, sweet, vulnerable personality.

Soft Girl Room Decor Ideas

Cutesy and feminine is at the heart of the soft girl aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick decor that gives your room a soft and cute feel, some ideas include: strawberry pattern bedding, Oil lamps, candles, string lights, flowers, dream catchers, cute heart shaped mirrors, jewelry organizers and desk accessories. If you are looking to achieve a soft girl aesthetic room, check out our Soft Girl Room Decor Collection

soft girl decor
soft girl decor

4) Grunge Room

grunge room
Grunge is a darker, edgier aesthetic style that is usually depicted these days with glitches, vinyl records, cigarettes, neon lights, and the color black. Grunge, historically though, has its roots in the 1990s hard rock scene of Seattle, Washington. It was a countercultural, anti-consumerism youth movement and musical genre that defined Generation X. 

Grunge Room Decor Ideas

Alternative/ edgy rock music as well as counter-culture of Gen X is at the center of the grunge room aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, try pick decor that really works with these themes such as music themed posters and wall collages, vinyl's, portable record player, collection of records, skull candle or pen holder, Polaroid camera, small succulent plants, electric guitars or an accent desk lamp. If you are looking to achieve a grunge aesthetic room, check out our Grunge Room Decor Collection

grunge room decor
grunge room decor

5) Witch Room

witch room

Witchcore is an aesthetic that revolves around the themes of witchcraft, spells, magic and the mystery of the metaphysical world. It has some elements of Cottagecore or Naturecore since some of the aesthetic revolves around the outdoor setting. This aesthetic is also associated with clothing, but it can also be transitioned into your home and room decor. This could mean spiritually cleansing your room using crystals, burning sage, reading tarot cards, and literally practicing wicca and magick!

Witch Room Decor Ideas

Connection to nature as well as spiritual ritual is at the heart of the witchcore aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, choose decor that that could be used for ritual practice, such as incense holders, spell books, glass balls, salt crystalsdream catchersapothecary vases and lots of candles. If you are looking to achieve a witchcore room, check out our Witch Room Decor Collection

witch room decor
witch room decor

6) E-Girl Room 

e-girl room

E-girl, an abbreviation of electronic girl, is a type of feminine alternative aesthetic. An E-Girl usually wants to show off a persona of being geeky yet sexy while also being slightly dark. This often manifests itself through interests in anime/manga, video games, Japanese fashion and music, nu-metal, and lingerie.

E-Girl Room Decor Ideas

Gaming is at the center of the E-girl aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick decor that gives your room an alt, electronic and geeky feel, some room decor ideas include: Anime wall artLED strip lighting, neon lights, headphone holders, halo desk lamps, desk gaming accessories, digital clocks and video streaming accessories. If you are looking to achieve E-girl room vibes, check out our E-Girl Room Decor Collection.

egirl room decor
egirl room decor


7) Galaxy Room

galaxy room

Galaxy Aestheticalso popularly known as Spacecore, is a type of aesthetic that is centered around astronomy, stars and planets. It can also be called astrocore or cosmic core. Spacecore uses lots of stars and planet type things in clothing or room decor. Many spacecore aesthetics will have pictures of the sun, the moon, stars or other celestial bodies.

Galaxy Room Decor Ideas

As the name suggests, anything space or galaxy related is at the center of the spacecore aesthetic, so when in comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick galaxy room décor that can really immerse you in being in a space that's out of this world! Feel free to let your imagination run wild and have fun choosing where your room decor items are displayed.  These room decor items could include: a bedside galaxy lampstar constellation globeastronaut figurineshalf moon planters or even a feature telescope to stargaze from your window. If you are looking to achieve galaxy room vibes, check out our Galaxy Room Decor Collection.

galaxy room decor
galaxy room decor

8) Art Hoe Room

art hoe room

The Art Hoe aesthetic is an aesthetic based around a love for art, a connection to nature, painting, and flowers. As implied by the name, the art hoe aesthetic involves various forms of visual art and even nature. This includes Polaroid pictures, plants (mainly ivy and succulents), acrylic paints, fine art and Copic markers.  

Art Hoe Room Decor Ideas

Arts and craft is at the core of the art hoe aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick decor that gives your room a vintage and artsy feel. Some decor ideas include: Polaroid cameras, portable record player, succulent desk plants, Pixar desk lamp, flower vases and candles. If you are looking to achieve an Art Hoe aesthetic room, check out our Art Hoe Room Decor Collection. 

art hoe room decor
art hoe room decor

9) Anime Room  

anime room

Anime refers to a specific style of cartoon produced or inspired by Japanese animation. In short, all anime shows are cartoons, but not all cartoons are anime. The art style associated with anime is very unique and recognizable. You’re probably familiar with the large eyes, wild hair, long arms and limbs, and more. This exaggerated design helps the characters more easily express emotions. 

Anime Room Decor Ideas

Fiction and fantasy is at the heart of the anime and manga art medium, so when in comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick anime decor that really reflects on the characters, including the hero's and the villain's that make anime so special to you.  These small accent items could include an anime bedside lamp, anime desk figurines, anime gaming collection and anime cat masks. If you are looking to create an Anime aesthetic room, check out our Anime Room Decor Collection

anime room decor
anime room decor

10) Boho Room 

boho room

Bohemian (also known as boho-chic) is a style of fashion and interior design drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. Boho is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life such as constant travelers, actors, and writers. The Bohemian style mirrors that life by combining objects, colors, and patterns from many areas of the world. If you are looking for a style that you can truly make your own, Bohemian design might be for you.

Boho Room Decor Ideas

Individuality and eclecticism is at the heart of the boho room aesthetic, so when in comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick boho decor that incorporates a mix of cultural patterns as well as materials. These small accent items could include a macramé dream catchercushionscandles, boho vase or mirrorIndoor plants play a huge role in boho room decor to help provide color as well as create a relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking to create a boho aesthetic room, check out our Boho Room Decor Collection.

boho room decor


boho room decor

11) Kawaii Room

kawaii room

Kawaii (かわいい) is a Japanese term and aesthetic referring to the unique concept affirming childlike and pretty things that make your heart flutter. However, different from the English word "cute", it is peculiar in that it's so diversified that it spawned many subgenres which often are far removed from the original concept.

Kawaii Room Decor Ideas

Cuteness and playfulness are at the heart of the kawaii aesthetic, so when in comes to furnishing your room with room decor, pick kawaii decor that really gives your room that cute kawaii aesthetic look. These small accent items could include a kawaii bedside lampplushies and kawaii gaming accessories. Ideally you want all your kawaii decor grouped or themed together for example Hello Kitty decor or kawaii foods.  If you are looking to create a kawaii aesthetic room, check out our Kawaii Room Decor Collection

kawaii room decor

kawaii room decor

12) Dark Academia Room

dark academia room

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around literature, academics, mystery and the arts. It is heavily inspired by European architecture, history, Greek Arts, Gothic and Dark elements.  Other than the romanticization of learning, there is illicitness, danger and sense of mystery within the aesthetic.

Dark Academia Room Decor Ideas 

Mystery is at the core of the dark academia aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room off with room decor, try pick decor that has a hidden story to it, such as an old navigation globe, old desk lamps, ink pots, statues, sculptures, old books, candle holders or dried plants in chemistry/ medicine flask. If you are looking to create a dark academia aesthetic room, check out our Dark Academia Room Decor Collection

dark academia room decor
dark academia room decor

13) Vintage Room 

vintage room

Vintage is an umbrella term used to refer to aesthetics which evoke a certain period (or mixture of periods) from the past or could be considered fashionably nostalgic or "Old School". Vintage aesthetic generally refers to "old" things or being "retro".

Vintage Room Ideas

Pop art, retro and nostalgia of design is at the center of the vintage room aesthetic, so when it comes to furnishing your room with vintage room decor, try pick decor that really works with these themes, such as a retro portable record playervases, Polaroid camera, small succulent plants, old guitars or an accent desk or bedside lamp, which will really give your room vintage aesthetic vibes. If you are looking to create a vintage aesthetic room, check out our Vintage Room Decor Collection. 

vintage room decor
vintage room decor

14) Dorm Room 

dorm room

If College move-in season is almost around the corner and if you're staying on campus this year, you will want to make sure your dorm room decor matches your unique aesthetic style. After all, your dorm room is the place where you sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time with friends.

Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Choose aesthetic accessories that will best complement your dorm room. It could be something as little as string lights that will add an extra ambience to your room in the evening, a jewelry organizer to keep all your little treasures in one place or a plant in some cute looking pot. You could also experiment by using a large leaning aesthetic mirror. This could help to give the illusion that your room is much bigger. For more aesthetic dorm room accessories, wall décor and dorm room design ideas check our aesthetic Dorm Room Collection.

dorm room decor
dorm room decor


Start your room makeover today! 

We hope you enjoyed this article, for more aesthetic room ideas and inspo, check out our Aesthetic Rooms Collection and create your dream aesthetic room today! Leave us a comment below on which is your favorite aesthetic room?


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