Top 10 Galaxy Room Ideas

Galaxy Room

 Are you looking to create an out-of-this-world aesthetic Galaxy Room? In the below article we explore some cool room decor ideas and design inspiration to help you transform your bedroom into an amazing galaxy themed bedroom. Read more below: 

What is Galaxy Aesthetic?

Galaxy Aestheticalso popularly known as Spacecore, is a type of aesthetic that is centered around astronomy, stars and planets. It can also be called astrocore or cosmic core. Spacecore uses lots of stars and planet type things in clothing or room decor. Many spacecore aesthetics will have pictures of the sun, the moon, stars or other celestial bodies.

The origins of spacecore, like the universe are unknown, however the aesthetic has be been greatly influenced by NASA pop culture as well as sci-fi films over the last few decades, including;  2001: A Space Odyssey; Star Wars and Interstellar, to name just a few.  

Some popular spacecore related activities include: 

  • Stargazing
  • Reading books about the universe
  • Reading maps of space
  • Staying up late
  • Learning how to use a telescope
  • Drawing space charts
  • Studying astronomy
  • Astral projecting 

Top 10 Galaxy Room Ideas:

If you are a huge lover of the spacecore aesthetic and would like your bedroom to have astro / galaxy room vibes, then here`s our Top 10 Design Tips and Ideas to transform your bedroom into a stunning Aesthetic Galaxy Room.

1. Spacecore Color Palette 

Now before you start going design crazy on your room, you’ll need to pick a starting color palette for your room. Whether you go with a ton of coordinating colors or keep it simple at just one or two, you should always have one foundation color to ground the room. When choosing a color palette for your galaxy room, one option would be to use dark neutral tones like navy blue or a dark grey, as this will help create the ideal background for your galaxy posters and wall art to visually stand out. We would however suggest to keep your ceiling and walls mostly white as this will be the best wall color for your galaxy room lighting, which we will discuss in more detail below. 

2. Spacecore Visuals

Spacecore visuals include things such as galaxies, stars, nebulae, planets, moons, and overall pictures of the universe, as well as things like telescopes, space rockets, and spaceships traveling far distances to foreign planets. Retro and Space-Age influences are popular themes in the spacecore aesthetic. This is a list of popular visuals in the spacecore aesthetic:

  • Galaxies
  • Nebulae
  • Planets
  • Moons
  • UFOs
  • Aliens
  • Telescopes
  • Rockets
  • Astronauts 
  • Globes
  • Sky charts
  • Observatories

3. Spacecore Wall + Ceiling Decor

Wall decor plays an important role in achieving an aesthetic galaxy room. Whether your room is big or small, galaxy posters, murals as well as glow in the dark stickers are one of the easiest ways to start your galaxy room decorations. You can scatter glowing moon & stars stickers across your walls and ceiling, which will immediately create aesthetic galaxy vibes in your room without damaging the walls.  Other popular galaxy wall decor ideas include; galaxy tapestries, wallpapers, neon and LED wall mounted lighting as well as moon phases artwork or even a dark painted chalk wall where you can draw some of your favorite constellations.      

galaxy room decor

4. Spacecore Bedding 

If you can’t paint your walls in a galaxy theme, or wallpapering, posters and stickers are not allowed, don’t get stressed! Spacecore bedding is another easy way to fulfill your dream of making a galaxy themed bedroom. Some great ideas for your spacecore bed includes galaxy themed sheets and pillow cases with your favorite constellation or planets. Also why not have a starry galaxy throw blanket for those colder winter nights. Finally round off your spacecore bed with a couple of cute space themed plush toys or cushions to make it cozy. 

5. Spacecore Furniture 

If you want to add some practicality to your room, some great ideas for spacecore furniture could include; a DIY galaxy painted night stand, display shelving, a galaxy theme rug or an oversized galaxy bean bag lounger to chill and stargaze. You can also install a set of string light curtains to your windows to create that extra starry look at night.   

6. Spacecore Decor

As the name suggests, anything space or galaxy related is at the center of the spacecore aesthetic, so when in comes to finishing your room with small accent items, pick galaxy room décor that can really immerse you in being in a space that's out of this world! Feel free to let your imagination run wild and have fun choosing where your accent items are displayed.  These accent items could include: a bedside galaxy lamp, star constellation globe, astronaut figurineshalf moon planters or even a feature telescope to stargaze from your window. 

galaxy room decor

7. Spacecore Music

Another cool idea to really immerse yourself in galaxy room vibes, is to play some relaxing Galaxy Room Music. We`ve curated for you the perfect galaxy room playlist including background music for studying, or just letting your mind drift away into deep space... 

8. Galaxy Lighting 

To complete your galaxy room, ensure that your room has plenty of color changing LED strip lighting or neon wall or desk lighting, to really achieve that spacecore aesthetic vibe. Some popular galaxy lighting products include: half moon wall light, glowing moon desk lamp, hanging nebula cloud pendants or an astronaut bedside lamp.   

9. Galaxy Room Projector 

Probably one of THE most popular room decor items for any galaxy room lover, would be a galaxy projector lamp.  There are a number of different models available, each with their own unique star constellations as well as being able to switch from a variety of different colorful nebulas and galaxy scenes as you wish.   

galaxy room lighting

10. Galaxy Room Accessories 

Some cool galaxy room accessory ideas may include a constellation jewelry holder to store all your rings, space themed candles, spacecore stickers or even a cute astronaut pen holder.

galaxy room decor

Get the Galaxy Room Look!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, for more spacecore & aesthetic galaxy room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Galaxy Room Collection and create your own dreamy galaxy room today!


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