Dark Academia Room Decor Ideas


Are you looking to create your own dreamy and mysterious dark academia room? In the below article we explore some of the key design principles to help you achieve a dark academia aesthetic room by following these simple and easy design tips and dark academia decor ideas. Read more:  

What is Dark Academia? 

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around literature, academics, mystery and the arts. It is heavily inspired by European architecture, history, Greek Arts, Gothic and Dark elements.  Other than the romanticization of learning, there is illicitness, danger and sense of mystery within the aesthetic. 

All you need to know about Dark Academia Decor:

We've curated the dreamiest room décor items and ideas to help you live your dark academia dreams in your own bedroom. Below is our Aesthetic Roomcore ultimate guide to Dark Academia Room Decor: 

#1 Dark Academia Color Palette

As the name suggest, a dark academia room is characterized by dark and moody colors with the like of neutral off-whites as well as beige and earthy brown and green tones to create a moody atmosphere. Below are some examples of how these colors can be used.

#2 Dark Academia Wall Decor

Wall decor plays an important role in achieving a dark academia room aesthetic feel. Some of the most popular wall decor items for any dark academia room include old books, book-shelves, vintage/ ornate picture frames and mirrors, old fashion clocks, glass display cases, framed newspaper cutouts, astrology tapestry or any scientific sketches of botany or zoology to give your wall a real academic feel. 

 dark academia room aesthetic

#3 Dark Academia Furniture 

Its important to have the furniture in your room all dark wood tones to reinforce the mysterious and moody vibe. Try avoid any accent furniture pieces with bright colors or light tones. Some top dark academia furniture decor would include wooden study desk, drawer cabinet as well as an old chair. The older, dustier and more worn the furniture is the better!

#4 Dark Academia Bedding

Some ideas to make your bed have that dark academia look include bulky and heavy duvets and comforters with plaid patterns or neutral beige tones. Add a dark purple throw to the end of the bed to add a bit of intrigue. 

dark academia aesthetic bedroom

#5 Dark Academia Decor

Mystery is at the core of the dark academia aesthetic, so when it comes to finishing your room off with small accent items, try pick decor that has a hidden story to it, such as an old navigation globe, old desk lamps, ink pots, statues, sculptures, old books, candle holders or dried plants in chemistry/ medicine flask. 

#6 Dark Academia Lighting 

To complete your dark academia room aesthetic ensure that your room is lit with warm color lighting and try avoid bright white lights - this will totally ruin the vibe. The idea is create low level candle lit atmosphere, which creates a dreamy dark academia room feel.   

 #7 Finishing Touches

Finally, to complete your dark academia aesthetic room, you`ll need to add the finishing touches with some aesthetic dark academia décor and accessories. Below are a few of our favorite dark academia décor accessories that will make your room pop! 

dark academia accessories

For more dark academia room décor ideas and inspo, check out our Dark Academia Room Collection and create your own dreamy & mysterious dark academia aesthetic room today! 

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